Quantum droplets in ultra-cold atomic gases

project Q-DROP of the Q@TN Initiative

December 7th, 2018
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ECT* Rustico, meeting room – Villazzano)

14:30-14:50: “Droplet of Quantum Mixtures” Albert Gallemì (UniTN, Trento)
14:50-15:15: "Experimental realisation of droplets in quantum mixture of cold gases" Giovanni Ferioli (LENS & UniFI, Florence)
15:15-15:45: Coffee Break at ECT* Villa
15:45-16:05: "Droplet and Supersolid of dipolar ultracold gases" Santo Maria Roccuzzo (PhD Q@TN, UniTN, Trento)
16:05-16:30: "Stable stripes in dipolar quantum gases” Luca Tanzi (UniFI, Florence & INO-CNR, Pisa)
Scientific Coordinators: dr. Iacopo Carusotto, dr. Alessio Recati