When: December 5 - December 16, 2016.
Location: EIT Digital - DTC room, c/o Northern Building, 1st floor FBK, via Sommarive 18 Trento. 

The Trento Doctoral Training Centre of EIT Digital is proud to organise Growth & Harvest (GH) module for the doctoral students enrolled to the Doctoral School of EIT Digital and the Trento ICT Doctoral School. The Growth & Harvest module is part of the EIT Digital Doctoral School Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education training programme. After completing the GH module, the participant has an understanding of the business, management as well as financial issues of growing a business within companies and organisations of all sizes.

Course key issues at growth stage of the business development:

  • Key strategies for growth
  • Going global (environment)
  • Management, organisation and leadership
  • Financing growth
  • Some specificities of scale-ups
  • Some specificities of large companies

The teaching method is active and case-based (based on real company cases), articulated around group or individual assignments complemented with applied lectures and testimonials.

The seminar will include one main group assignment, based on a real company case with the objective to design an international/global growth strategy, concluded by a pitch and a written report.

Please visit this page for more information about the module including materials, students assignment, schedule and blog posts.