Seminars for the Admission to the third year - 33°cycle

12 September 2019

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Via Sommarive, 14 - Povo - Seminar Room - Department of Physics

Thursday 12 September 2019

  • 15:00   Alice Raffaele 
    "On the Monotone Boolean Duality problem and on the Joint Generation approach for the Vertex Enumeration problem" 
    Supervisor: R. Rizzi
  • 15:20   Elia Carlo Zirondelli
    "Research of linear time algorithms for the representation of omnitigs" 
    Supervisor: R. Rizzi
  • 15:40   Matteo Cervetti
    "Enumerative combinatorics of intervals in the Dyck pattern poset" 
    Supervisor: W.A. De Graaf
  • 16:00   Marco Capolli
    "Two Topics of Real Analysis in Carnot Groups" 
    Supervisor: A. Pinamonti
  • 16:20   Alberto Maione
    "Gamma-convergence and H-convergence results for functionals and operators in a sub-Riemannian framework" 
    Supervisors: F. Serra Cassano - A. Pinamonti