Presentations by 3rd year PhD students in International Studies

34° cohort
18 May 2021
18 May 2021

Where: Zoom, h. 14.00

  • Jessica CUEL "Help that hinders? The impact of donors’ provisions on local communities in environmental projects"
              Supervisor: Louisa Parks
  • Aleksandar DAMJANOVSKI "European defence initiatives"
              Supervisor: Stefano Benati
  • Ruben DAVID "Charting the EU’s and China’s conflicting interpretations of equity principles in the un climate governance regime. The cases of COP3, COP15 and COP21."
              Supervisor: Louisa Parks
  • Amandine LE BELLEC "Toward LGBTI Rights as a ‘European Value’. The sexual politics of the Common European Asylum System"
              Supervisors: Carlo Ruzza (SIS) and Réjane Sénac (CEVIPOF)
  • Micaela MUSACCHIO STRIGONE "Far-right party-movement relations. The case of Lega and CasaPound"
              Supervisor: Emanuele Massetti

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