Practical experiences and reflections on helping Italian entrepreneurs embrace sustainability ideas and practices

2 November 2023
Start time 
2:00 pm
Palazzo di Economia - Via Inama 5, Trento
Seminar room, first floor
PhD programme in Economics and Finance and PhD programme in Economics and Management
Target audience: 
Dipak Raj Pant, LIUC


Sustainability’ has become quite popular in Italian business circles in the past few years. Looking for a new perspective, some Italian business leaders turned to an anthropologist for advice. This seminar intends to present some professional experiences in advising Italian entrepreneurs about ‘sustainability’ in principle and practice. For business organizations 'sustainability' means more business continuity rather than growth, It is about adding value to the existing assets (including the brand) rather than increasing the volume of affairs. To ensure continuity business organizations need to improve not only the quality of their products/services but also the quality of their business system (collaborators and stakeholders) and operational context (community and territory).