Where: Humanities Department, University of Trento Via Tommaso Gar, 14 , 38122 Trento 

The final competition of Start-Up Lab: the cross-disciplinary lab of UniTrento that unleash innovation and entrepreneurial talents. Focused creativity, lean validation, business modeling of your startup project. Hands on experience coached by local and international instructors, mentors and entrepreneurs. Flipped classroom methodology. Work in cross-departmental teams. 19 projects, 130 participants from 32 countries, 8 Departments and 29 Master/Doctoral programmes.


13.00 Registration
14.00 Welcome address by the UniTrento deputy rector Prof. Flavio Deflorian
14.10 Start-up Pitches (first batch)
15.10 Break
15.30 Start-up Pitches (second batch)
16.30 Guest speech: Stefano Bernardi (EIT Digital)
17.00 Coffee break and floor exhibition with Q&A from judges
18.00 Beginning of Hype Global Sport Innovation Competition (joint final ceremony at h 20.00)


Inscriptions: https://www.eventbrite.it/e/biglietti-2016-start-up-lab-demo-day-25640739141

Scientific Committee: Alessandro Rossi