Innovation in agri-food law between technology and comparison

Annual Conference of the Italian Food Law Association

9-10 November
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Room B, Palazzo di Giurisprudenza
via Rosmini 27,Trento

The concept of innovation is commonly associated with the concept of technology, although it is in fact also a factor relentlessly affecting legal science. Within the latter, food law represents an important laboratory of innovation, in which concepts and tools have been experimented and applied also in other branches of law.
The annual Conference of the Italian Food Law Association aims at continuing a dialogue on the relationship between innovation and food law that already profitably started with the Conferences of Piacenza in 2011 and Milan of 2015, exploring its contents under a twofold perspective.
The first employs the notion of «legal transplant» introduced by comparative scholars such as Alan Watson and Otto Kahn-Freund in the 70s of the last century, to understand if and to what extent the circulation of legal models at the international level is paving the way to build a Global Food Law and to re-shape osmotically the foundations of food law.
The second one looks at the role that technology has historically played, and continues to perform at a fast pace, in posing new regulatory questions to food law in all the areas in which emerges the need to regulate the production, distribution and consumption of foodstuffs in the global market.

Friday, 9 November

9:10  Registration
9:40 Institutional greetings by the University of Trento and by the Dean of the Faculty of Law

10:00-13:00  First session in Italian

 prof. Marco Goldoni (University of Pisa)

  • prof. Luigi Costato (University of Ferrara)
    Production Knowledge and Food Market: the Italian Case
  • prof. Giovanni Pascuzzi (University of Trento)
    The Creativity of the Agri-Food Lawyer
  • dr. Laura Salvi (University of Ferrara)
    Agrifood Law and Innovation through the Lenses of Better Regulation
  • dr. Valeria Paganizza (University of Ferrara)
    The Beatles Revolution: when Innovation starts with Insects
  • prof. Irene Canfora (University of Bari)
    The Agrifood Markets for the Products of Innovation

13:00 - 14:30  Lunch buffet

14:30-17:30 Second session in English

prof. Ferdinando Albisinni (University of Tuscia)

  • prof. Roberto Pardolesi (LUISS Rome)
    Antitrust and B2B Transactions Issues in Agri-Food Supply Chains
  • ​prof. Zanlin Ruan and prof. Yangyao Yu (East China University of Science and Technology)
    “Small Farmers, Big Market” and Agricultural Product Safety
  • prof. Martin Cloutier (Université du Quebec à Montréal)
    Motivation, Issues and Prospects for Quebec Terroir Product Innovations: From Local Actions to Global Markets?
  • prof. Martin Holle (Hamburg University)
    Globalization of Innovation – (Re-)localization of Food Law?

17:45 - 18:45  Meeting of AIDA-IFLA members

20.00  Dinner

Saturday, 10 November

9:00-12:00 Third session in Italian

prof. Umberto Izzo (University of Trento)

  • prof. Ilaria Pertot (University of Trento)
    Novel Food: Technological Opportunities and Implications of the New European Regulation
  • prof. Eleonora Sirsi (University of Pisa) 
    Sustainability Principle and New Breeding Techniques
  • prof. Marianna Giuffrida (University of Messina) 
    Technological Innovation and Responsibility of the Agri-Food Operator
  • prof. Paolo Borghi (University of Ferrara) 
    The Myth of Precaution
  • prof. Alessandra Di Lauro (University of Pisa) 
    Anatomy of Food Choices: Law Facing Neurosciences
  • prof. Sandro Amorosino (University La Sapienza) 
    Public Bodies and New Agri-Food Technologies
  • prof. Matteo Ferrari (University of Trento) 
    The Protection of Seeds between Open and Closed Models
12:00 - 12:30  Final debate

Concluding remarks - prof. Antonio Iannarelli (University of Bari)

Image credits: Mercato di piazza - Joachim Beuckelaer - by Mentnafunangann