International Conference “Language And Territory 4”

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24-30 giugno 2019
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The International Conference “Language and Territory” (Sudbury, Canada, 2010; Tbilisi, Georgia, 2015; Kenitra, Morocco, 2017) brought together numerous speakers and researchers world-wide. The events were a great forum to discuss the judicial status of national, regional and minority languages, their evolution, their loss, as well as their day-to-day use by speakers in a variety of cultural and artistic fields (literature, education, heritage, audiovisual media, film, music, politics, public display and signage, etc.).

Regional and minority languages, and the territories in which they evolve and interact, always raise delicate and difficult issues, because languages are always at the core of the political projects of a given territory, region or state. Through languages, be they be official or co-official, in contact or not with other languages, researchers seek a better understanding of the linguistic communities that make use of them and of the territorial dynamics they present. The study, the protection and the promotion of regional and minority languages help maintain the cultural resources and the patrimony of a territory, of a region, of a country.


The University of Trento (Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy), will host the fourth edition of the International conference on Language and Territory from 24 to 30 June 2019. Trentino-Alto Adige is an especially appropriate location for such a scholarly gathering, given the region’s unique sociolinguistic dynamic resulting from a German-speaking majority in Alto Adige and a number of language minorities in Trentino: Ladin, Mocheno and Cimbrian.


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Organizing Committee

  • gerardo.acerenza [at] (Gerardo Acerenza), Università di Trento, Italia 
  • jboissonneault [at] (Julie Boissonneault), Université Laurentienne, Canada 
  • gildo.bidese [at] (Gildo Bidese), Università di Trento, Italia 
  • patrizia.cordin [at] (Patrizia Cordin), Università di Trento, Italia 
  • areguigui [at] (Ali Reguigui), Université Laurentienne, Canada 

Scientific Committee

  • gerardo.acerenza [at] (Gerardo Acerenza), University of Trento, Italy 
  • serenella.baggio [at] (Serenella Baggio), University of Trento, Italy
  • abeaulieu [at] (Alain Beaulieu), Université Laurentienne, Canada 
  • marlene.belly [at] (Marlène Belly), Université de Poitiers, Francia 
  • gildo.bidese [at] (Gildo Bidese), University of Trento, Italy 
  • tbissonnette [at] (Thierry Bissonnette), Université Laurentienne, Canada  
  • jboissonneault [at] (Julie Boissonneault), Université Laurentienne, Canada 
  • claudine.brohy [at] (Claudine Brohy), Universität Freiburg / Université de Fribourg, Svizzera 
  • isabelle.carignan [at] (Isabelle Carignan), Université Téluq, Canada 
  • ncheadle [at] (Norman Cheadle), Université Laurentienne, Canada  
  • stephanie.chouinard [at] (Stéphanie Chouinard,) Collège militaire royal du Canada  
  • rcorbeil [at] (Renée Corbeil), Université Laurentienne, Canada 
  • patrizia.cordin [at] (Patrizia Cordin), University of Trento, Italy
  • bruno.courbon [at] (Bruno Courbon), Université Laval, Canada 
  • luca.crescenzi [at] (Luca Crescenzi), University of Trento, Italy  
  • mzagho_dokhturishvili [at] (Mzaro Dokhtourichvili), Université d’État Ilia, Georgia 
  • jeanpaul.dufiet [at] (Jean-Paul Dufiet), University of Trento, Italy
  • pierre.foucher [at] (Pierre Foucher), Université d’Ottawa, Canada  
  • yfrenette [at] (Yves Frenette), Université Saint-Boniface, Canada  
  • mgiroux [at] (Michel Giroux), Université Laurentienne, Canada  
  • elohka [at] (Eileen Lokha), University of Calgary, Canada
  • lmessaoudi [at] (Leila Messaoudi), Université Ibn Tofaïl, Marocco  
  • manuela.moroni [at] (Manuela Moroni), University of Trento, Italy 
  • jquirion [at] (Jean Quirion), Université d’Ottawa, Canada 
  • elisa.ravazzolo [at] (Elisa Ravazzolo), University of Trento, Italy  
  • areguigui [at] (Ali Reguigui), Université Laurentienne, Canada 
  • kristin.reinke [at] (Kristin Reinke), Université Laval, Canada 
  • friccigarotti [at] (Federica Ricci Garotti,) University of Trento, Italy 
  • groberge [at] (Ginette Roberge), Université Laurentienne, Canada  
  • l.rodriguez [at] (Liliane Rodriguez), Université de Winnipeg, Canada 
  • denis.roy [at] (Denis Roy), Université de Moncton, Canada  
  • csansalone [at] (Christine Sansalone), Université Laurentienne, Canada 
  • paolo.tamassia [at] (Paolo Tamassia), University of Trento, Italy  

For further information please email the Organizing Committee: langueetterritoire4 [at]