Winter School

Futures Literacy and Foundations of Futures Studies

10 October 2022
11 October 2022
12 October 2022
13 October 2022
14 October 2022
Palazzo di Sociologia - Via Verdi 26, Trento
Target audience: 
University community
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Important notice

The School is fully booked.

Venue and Time

Department of Sociology And Social Research - University Of Trento - 
October 2022, from Monday 10 till Friday 14; from 9.00 am till 6.00 pm each day


The winter school is organized by the UNESCO Chair in Anticipatory Systems, the research group FLAT-Futures Literacy and Anticipation Theory, the project TAGS-Towards and Anticipatory Governance System


Kwamou Eva Feukeu - Futures Literacy Project Officer at UNESCO, Paris
Anticipatory assumptions in decision-making. Case-based Futures Literacy theory: system reproduction

  1. Case-based Futures Literacy theory: system reproduction
  2. Futures Literacy design principles
  3. Futures Literacy process simulation
  4. Reframing the imagination

Roumiana Gotseva - Founder and Managing Director of the Center for Strategic Foresight - Sofia BG
Reading Chance Aloud: Futures Literacy as a Capacity for Decolonizing Futures (and Divination)

  1. Futures Literacy and the ontological turn: critical post-humanisms, new materialisms and post-anthropocentrism
  2. Speculative temporalities for worlds-to-come
  3. Anticipation for emergence: being worthy of our times
  4. Collective imaginings: positive difference, negative capability, and the making of kin.

Riel Miller - Former Head of Foresight and Futures Literacy, UNESCO, Paris
Living Complexity by Distinguishing Perception and Choice, Repetition and Difference

  1. Exploring the Futures Literacy Framework (FLF) - Anticipation and Imagination
  2. Detecting and Inventing Anticipatory Assumptions - Generating Evidence of the Relevance of the FLF
  3. Origins and Sources of Imagined Futures - Framing, Narrative and Anticipatory Systems and Processes
  4. Futures Literacy in Practice - Exploring Impacts and Design Principles

Roberto Poli - UNESCO Chair in Anticipatory Systems, University of Trento
Through the looking glass: a fourfold introduction to FL and FS.

  1. From below: the novelty of strategic foresight
  2. From above: learning to distinguish between complicated and complex issues
  3. From the middle: FL for managers
  4. From the middle: FL for public officials

Enrolment & Fees

The enrollment process is now closed.
We received a very positive response to the enrollment process; we like to communicate we already reached the 30-Participant maximum number, we also completed  the 10-Participant Waiting List. Threfore we cannot accept any more Participants at the moment.

  • To enrol, complete this Form; you will receive a confirmation email and the payment instructions.
  • The fees amounts to 300€ and it includes classes, lectures, learning materials and two daily coffee breaks 
  • Travel and hotel expenses will be borne by the participant
  • The Social dinner and touristic visits are not included in the fees.
  • IMPORTANT: Availability is limited to 30 participants.
  • "First come,first served" rule applies.

In order to ensure your participation to the Winter School, when receiving the email with registration-confirmation, please follow the instructions and complete the process by paying the fees as soon as possible. The process is concluded only after the payment is received.

  • There will be a 5-participant waiting list, in case of last-minute withdrawal.
  • Fees are not refundable; exceptions can be made for unforseeable events.
  • Everyone will be notified as soon as possible of their position in the participants list.

Deadlines: Enrolment + Fees payment from 03 March till 19 Septembre, 2022

Travel & Hotels

  • The Department of Sociology And Social Research is located in the center of Trento, in Via Verdi 26
  • Further information about how to reach Trento if you arrive via airplane, car, train, etc. can be found here
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University of Trento 
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