Conference / Meeting

What to expect from the Conference on the Future of Europe

Guest Lecture Series
16 November 2021
Start time 
2:15 pm
Palazzo Paolo Prodi - Via Tommaso Gar 14, Trento
Room 001
School of International Studies
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The Conference on the Future of Europe is unparalleled in its innovative design, methods and scale. It has been devised as the first-ever pan-European public consultation on three levels: (a) an EU-run, transnational platform acting as the sole entry point, (b) the first transnational citizens’ panels composed of randomly selected citizens from all over Europe and different backgrounds, and (c) a plenary of 433 members, including not only members of the European and national Parliaments but also citizens from the panels, as well as (few) social-partner representatives. The plenary is tasked to review, consider and wrap up the proposals. 

Alberto Alemanno, one of the leading voices for the democratization of the EU, will explain this unique and innovative design and discuss its democratic potential for the evolution of the European Union.


Prof. Alberto Alemanno, Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law and Risk Regulation at Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) Paris and Visiting Professor at the College of Europe in Bruges.