Conference / Meeting

Approaches to the study of radicalisation in social sciences

Guest Lecture Series
22 March 2022
Start time 
3:15 pm
Palazzo Paolo Prodi - Via Tommaso Gar 14, Trento
Room 001
School of International Studies
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The talk outlines the various approaches taken in the research on individual radicalization processes in a critical manner and by tracing them to more fundamental social science theories. In particular, it will be shown how deterministic, intentional and relational approaches have emerged, their main features, as well as critical aspects. This will be accompanied by concrete examples illustrating the various theories and mechanisms involved. Finally, insights from Daniela Pisoiu's own research on individual jihadi and right-wing extremist radicalization processes will be presented.

  • Daniela Pisoiu - Austrian Institute for International Affairs – oiip (IMSISS visiting scholar)


Daniela Pisoiu is senior researcher at the Austrian Institute for International Affairs – oiip and expert of the Radicalisation Awareness Network. She has over fifteen years of experience in Islamist, right-wing and left-wing radicalisation, extremism, and terrorism, and is specialised in individual radicalisation processes. Her fieldwork includes interviews with (former) radicals and analyses of court files. Her fields of research also include comparative regional security, American and European foreign and security policy. She completed her PhD at the University of St Andrews, Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence and has conducted fieldwork on the topic of radicalisation in Austria, Germany and France, as well as other European countries.