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The Norm and the World Normative Knowledge and Normativity of Knowledge in the 16th century

Research program MONDO500. Le monde dans une péninsule, espaces urbains, présences étrangères, économies des sav
Martin Waldseemüller, Universalis cosmographia (1507) © Wikimedia -
11 September 2023
12 September 2023
13 September 2023
14 September 2023
15 September 2023
16 September 2023
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9:15 am
Palazzo Paolo Prodi - Via Tommaso Gar 14, Trento
School of International Studies, University of Trento
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University community
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Manuela Bragagnolo


The Norm and the World. Normative Knowledge and Normativity of Knowledge in the 16th Century is the first summer school of the MONDO500 research program (Ecole française de Rome, Centre A. Koyré, LARHRA, Triangle, Labex CoMod). This program of global history of knowledge, considered from a critical, situated and interdisciplinary perspective, aims to study the process of production and circulation of knowledge about the world in Italy during a long sixteenth century by focusing in particular on the specific contribution of "foreign" presences and on three cities: Naples, Rome, Venice. (
The summer school, organized in collaboration with the University of Trento, will be focused on the relationship between norms and knowledge, with a special emphasis on those fields that contributed to the knowledge of an increasingly broad and dense world.
Through the dialogue between researchers from different disciplines, the multiple intersections between normativity and knowledge about the world will be explored, as well as between the enlarging of the world and the challenging of the norm. 
In recent years, particularly in the legal history field, the category of "normative knowledge" has begun to make its way. At the same time, the normative dimension of different fields of knowledge (medical, literary, geographical...), in its conceptual aspects or in relation to actors and practices, has been considered according to distinct historiographical and disciplinary approaches that are not always in communication with each other.

Some of the topics that may be developed during the Summer school are as follows:

  • Transformations of normative knowledge itself under the effect of world enlargement. 
  • The normative dimension related to the material production of knowledge and the performative value of the medium (manuscript, printed...) in the construction and transmission of knowledge. 
  • The linguistic expression of the normativity of knowledge. How do linguistic and lexical choices influence the production of knowledge itself? 
  • Debates and theoretical reflections on the norm in different fields of knowledge. 
  • The different tools and intellectual operations that enable the world to be normed. How do texts that convey knowledge about the world-travel chronicles, reports, natural history treatises, etc. - regulate the world and impose a certain order on it? 


  • Elisa Andretta - CNRS, LARHRA
  • Manuela Bragagnolo - University of Trento, MPILHLT
  • Romain Descendre - ENS de Lyon, Triangle
  • Pascal Dubourg Glatigny - CNRS, Centre Alexandre Koiré
  • Rafael Mandressi - CNRS, Centre Alexandre Koiré
  • Antonella Romano - EHESS, CAK