"Failing Institutions. Individual behavior and the quality of institutions"

Workshop, 4-5 December 2015
4 December 2015
5 December 2015

Università di Pavia4-5 December 2015, School of International Studies, Sala Targetti

Attendance is free but requires registration.


To register, please contact Carla Jemma (carla.jemma [at] unipv.it ) by 26 November 2015.

Co-organized by:
  • School of International Studies and Department of Economics and Management - University of Trento
  • Department of Political and Social Sciences - University of Pavia
Workshop’s aims and themes

The workshop aims to offer an interdisciplinary forum to discuss – theoretically and empirically – the various ways in which the general quality of social and political institutions relates to the individual behavior of citizens and institutional actors. There is an obvious sense in which the quality of institutions depends on the quality of the behavior of those who occupy relevant institutional roles and, conversely, the individual behavior of institutional actors and citizens is shaped by the features of social and political institutions. Much less obvious is, however, to establish the scope and reach of such relations across the many different domains within which they occur.

The workshop aims to bring together economists, philosophers, political and social scientists, and legal theorists to explore the different senses in which individuals may fail institutions by their behavior as well as the various dimensions across which the failure of institutions may affect individual behavior.

Relevant questions include:

  • Does the decision to engage in informal economic activities depend on the faltering quality of institutions?
  • To what extent may the individual corrupt behavior of institutional actors undermine the rationale of public institutions?
  • What are the main failures of public institutions that contribute to the spreading of populism?
  • May conscientious objection enhance or threaten the quality of institutions?
  • Can social capital compensate for failing institutions?
  • To what extent may domestic institutional failures be held responsible for international migratory flows?
Organizing committee
  • Emanuela Ceva (Università di Pavia)
  • Andrea Fracasso (University of Trento)
Invited speakers
  • Manuela Caiani (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)
  • Emanuela Ceva (Università di Pavia)
  • Maria Paola Ferretti (Technische Universitaet Darmstadt)
  • Guido de Blasio (Banca d’Italia)
  • Andrea Fracasso (Università di Trento)
  • Giuseppe Vittucci Marzetti (Università di Milano Bicocca)
  • Valeria Ottonelli (Univeristà di Genova)
  • Davide Paris (Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg)
Workshop logistics
  • Ms. Carla Jemma, University of Pavia
  • Ms. Silvia Tomaselli, University of Trento
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