Assessing ‘break-up’ processes in Spain and beyond

SIS - Research Dialogue

5 November 2019
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Location: School of International Studies, Via T.Gar 14, Trento - Room 001

Time: 14:15 - 16:00


  • Paolo Cossarini - (Post-)referendum politics. Discourses in Catalonia and Brexit Britain compared
  • Emanuele Massetti - "Independence in Europe" seen from the EU institutions: The cases of Scotland and Catalonia

The Spanish general election, to be held on the 10thof November 2019 for the second time this year, gives the opportunity to discuss different processes of political and territorial disintegration that we have been witnessing across Europe in recent years.
On the one hand, various types of minority nationalism have gained momentum in different countries in Europe, as shown by the cases of Catalonia, Scotland, and the Flemish community. On the other hand, Brexit has been posing serious challenges to both British and European politics. 
How are these processes of territorial and political disintegration to be addressed? What are the similarities and differences between these European cases? What is the reaction from the EU?
This “Research Dialogue” session is structured in two presentations and offers students and the general audience the opportunity to debate about different types of ‘break-up’ processes across Europe.