Firms and Workers at the Crossroad: Automation and Market Power

The Empirical Microeconomics Laboratory (EMiL) Workshop

21 December 2020
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21st December 2020 - on-line: Zoom platform

The Empirical Microeconomics Laboratory (EMiL) convenes the Workshop:

Firms and Workers at the Crossroad: Automation and Market Power

Session 1 – Automation

09.00-9.10 Welcome and introduction

What are the Labor and Product Market Effects of Automation? New Evidence from France - Céline Antonin, Philippe Aghion, Simon Bunel, Xavier Jaravel

Discussant: Sergio Scicchitano


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Robot: The first task/application-based analysis on local labor markets - Mauro Caselli, Andrea Fracasso, Sergio Scicchitano, Silvio Traverso, Enrico Tundis

Discussant: Antonio Accetturo

Session 2 – Keynote Speaker

11.10-12.20 Competing with robots: Firm level evidence from France - Claire Lelarge, Daron Acemoglu, Pascual Restrepo                                                                             

Session 3 – Market Power


Labor Market Power, Labor’s Share, and Firm-Pay Differences - Matthias Mertens

Discussant: Gabriella Berloffa


The Evolution of (Labour) Market Power in Italy and the Impact of a Minimum Wage - Mauro Caselli, Jasmine Mondolo, Stefano Schiavo

Discussant: Carlo Menon

Session 4 – Innovation and Management


The Robot Revolution: Managerial and Employment Consequences for Firm - Lynn Wu, Jay Dixon and Bryan Hong

Discussant: Massimiliano Vatiero


Hierarchy, market and knowledge: Theory and evidence - Fabio Pieri, Massimiliano Vatiero

Discussant: Alexandra Tsvetkova


  • Antonio Accetturo, Bank of Italy
  • Céline Antonin, OFCE Science-Po
  • Gabriella Berloffa, University of Trento
  • Mauro Caselli, University of Trento
  • Andrea Fracasso, University of Trento
  • Claire Lelarge, Université de Paris-Saclay
  • Carlo Menon, OECD
  • Matthias Mertens, Halle Institute for Economic Research
  • Jasmine Mondolo, University of Trento
  • Fabio Pieri, University of Trento
  • Stefano Schiavo, University of Trento
  • Sergio Scicchitano, INAPP
  • Alexandra Tsvetkova, OECD
  • Massimiliano Vatiero, University of Trento
  • Lynn Wu, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania


Attendance is free but requires registration.
To register and receive the Zoom link, please contact Jasmine Mondolo (jasmine.mondolo [at]