From Space to Earth and Back - Prof. Giovanni Pratesi

14 June 2023
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9:30 am
Department of Physics - University of Trento
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University community
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Prof. Giovanni Pratesi
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SST PhD Program Secretariat


Prof. Giovanni Pratesi, Department of Earth Sciences - University of Florence


Studying meteorites is a pivotal topic in planetary sciences since they represent the only material evidence available on Earth, except from specimens collected in SRMs, to investigate the origin and the evolution of the Solar System bodies. Meteorites may contain presolar grains, organic matter, and exotic minerals – the latter formed during the long history of impact processes. The comparison of meteorite spectral features with those of asteroids then allows to match the diverse meteorite classes and groups with the different asteroid families.

Short Bio

Giovanni Pratesi is the professor of Planetary Mineralogy at the University of Firenze. His research focuses on meteorites and impact rocks. He is involved in various space missions such as Hayabusa-2, HERA and Destiny+. He also founded the Italian Museum of Planetary Sciences in Prato.

Further Readings

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