How to communicate your participation in Space exploration? The Italian case from History to the present Space Economy

Specific Seminar - Curriculum 7
15 May 2024
Start time 
2:30 pm
National PhD Programme - Space Science and Technology - SST
Target audience: 
University community
Contact person: 
Prof. David Burigana
Contact details: 
National PhD in Space Science and Technology - Secretariat
+39 0461 281504 - 283566


Prof. David Burigana, Department of Political Science, Law and International Studies (SPGI) - University of Padua


We will have a protagonist of Space exploration, Prof. Cesare Barbieri's speech on the Giotto mission towards Halley's Comet. From this episode we will take inspiration to present some elements and examples for the construction of a story around a mission from which the participants will have to start to develop a presentation of their research project according to a high-disclosure approach, combining it with a short video that we will create in the second appointment.

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