Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Censis-La Repubblica ranking: the University of Trento is the highest ranking among italian Universities

The University of Trento, with a final score of 99.8 points, is the highest ranked among Italian public universities and medium sized universities

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The University of Trento is again in the top position among Italian public universities.

That is what emerged from the Censis ranking compiled for la Repubblica 2016-2017 and published on 30 May.

Our University, with a final score of 99.8 points, ranks first this year in the general ranking and is also leading the ranking of medium-sized universities (those with 10,000 to 20,000 students).

The University in general
The score obtained by the university is the mean average of the scores awarded for five different parameters on a scale between 66 and 110.

The University of Trento obtained, in particular, 108 points for “communication and digital services” (compared to 102 last year under the “web” parameter), 103 points for “facilities” (compared to 105), 102 for scholarships and other student aids (compared to 98), 93 for services (compared to 96) and 93 for the international outlook (98 last year).

The University of Trento is also well placed in the general ranking of all Italian public universities. The second place is occupied by the University of Siena (which ranks second also in the medium-sized universities ranking). 

Excellent ranking for the 5-year master’s degree in Law, which is 2nd in the relevant group (last year it ranked 6).
The bachelor’s degree courses in the language area are confirmed in 5th position. Same ranking for the courses in the social science and policies area (they were in 4th position) and the psychology area (down from 2nd). The courses in the economics-statistics area are ranking 6th (last year 4th position). The bachelor’s degree courses in engineering climb from the 15th to the 7th place (equally placed with the University of Pavia).
Bachelor’s degrees in the science area rank 8 (last year 4th place).
The courses in the humanities area rank 17 (they were 7 last year). To conclude, the master’s course in Construction engineering is ranking in 21th position (24th last year).

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Attached are the press release and the tables with Italian universities rankings from the website of la Repubblica