Monday, 31 January 2022

Join international teams, gain new skills and solve real-life challenges

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Dear students, for the fourth semester in a row, ECIU University invites you to join challenges and micro-modules. It’s a unique opportunity to gain relevant skills for your future, develop ideas in an international environment and get in contact with business companies and public organizations. Participation in the ECIU challenges enables you to look for creative solutions to real-life problems, making a real impact in the communities and regions.

Challenges are courses that engage diverse teams to solve real-life problems using a novel and practical method of challenge-based learning (CBL). More than two hundred students have already participated in ECIU challenges. Their lessons learned? A new and different set of skills, an international network, and a new way of working and learning. Get to know the first-hand experience of participants.

Business and public partners provide real-life problems and are involved in the learning process. Themes circle around UN’s Sustainable Development Goal No. 11 Sustainable cities and communities. “Prevention of textile waste”, “Future Energy Hack”, “Developing an energetically autonomous building” to name just a few examples.

Micro-modules support learners and help them fill the knowledge gaps, for example, widen their knowledge on strategic planning or sustainable development. Part of micro-modules also help foster entrepreneurial, inter-cultural communication, foreign language and other skills. 

Explore ECIU challenges and micro-modules offered in 2022.

You can find more information on the dedicated page.