Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Three more UniTrento research projects to receive ERC funding

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Three of the 15 projects that will receive Advanced Grants from the European Research Council in Italy have been presented by principal investigators Davide Bigoni of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, Matteo Calandra Buonaura of the Department of Physics and Francesco Zimei of the Department of Humanities of UniTrento

Research gets another boost at the University of Trento as it will run three of the 15 projects funded by the European Research Council at Italian institutions. The winners are: Davide Bigoni, Matteo Calandra Buonaura and Francesco Zimei. The news was released today just about a month after the European Research Council announced the award of two grants on the 2021 call to fund projects of excellence presented by academic and research institutions.

The Erc project led by Davide Bigoni of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering (Beyond - Beyond hyperelasticity: a virgin land of extreme materials) will explore the possibility of overcoming the concept of elastic energy to create materials with extreme mechanical properties.

The Erc project by Matteo Calandra Buonaura of the Physics Department is focused on designing and modelling new properties and phases for materials obtained from ultrafast pulsed lasers (Delight – Discovering light-induced phases by first-principles material design).

At the Department of Humanities, the project proposed by Francesco Zimei focuses on the lauda and the relationship between poetry and music through orality (Laudare - The Italian Lauda: Disseminating Poetry and Concepts Through Melody, 12th-16th centuries).

These grants are part of the 27 grants awarded this year to researchers of Italian nationality out of the 253 Erc Advanced Grants awarded by the European Research Council to established, leading principal investigators at international level, an action that is worth in total 624 million euro. The Council received 1,735 proposals, and less than 15% of them (253) were eligible for funding.

As of today, the University of Trento has obtained 36 grants since the European Research Council started to award funding throughout Europe in 2007. Grants are awarded based on a competitive selection process, in which the only selection criterion is the scientific excellence of the project and of the researcher presenting it.

Participation in international funding programs is one of the strengths of the research policy of UniTrento, which supports scientists in all phases of the complex procedures for accessing and managing funds.

The list of ERC grants at UniTrento and other information are also available on: