Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Valeria Solesin Award – Sixth edition

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Applications for the Valeria Solesin Award are now open.

The award is dedicated to Valeria Solesin, the Italian researcher at Sorbonne University in Paris who was killed in the Bataclan terrorist attack of 13 November 2015.

It takes inspiration from Valeria’s studies, focused on the dual role of women at work and in the family, but is open to other research work on contemporary issues that underline the positive impact of the presence of women in business. Important companies and organizations participate in the initiative and support it.

The Valeria Solesin Award is open to students who have already defended a Master’s dissertation at an Italian university.

Submissions are welcome from the following disciplinary areas: Economics, Sociology, Law, Political Sciences, Psychology, Education Sciences, Engineering, Statistics and Demography.

The deadline to submit applications is 10 August 2022 (noon).

For the call and further information visit the dedicated page.

Contacts and information:
premiovaleriasolesin [at]