Friday, 17 June 2022

Excellent results for UniTrento from the Almalaurea survey

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The AlmaLaurea Inter-University Consortium presented the 24th Survey on the employment status of graduates of Italian universities. The survey examined the performance of approximately 300,000 graduates from 77 Italian universities in 2021. Of the surveyed graduates, in particular, 169,000 obtained an undergraduate degree, 95,000 a master's degree, and 35,000 graduated from single-cycle programmes. Interviews on the employment status of graduates considered 660,000 former students from 76 universities who graduated in 2020, 2018 and 2016, respectively, one, three and five years after graduation.

Rector Flavio Deflorian commented the data
Regarding the graduates' profile, the rector of the University of Trento Flavio Deflorian said: "The graduates of UniTrento stand out because for the most part, almost 70 out of 100 graduate, graduate on track (compared to a national average of 61) and have completed an experience of study abroad such as the Erasmus programme (17.3% vs 8.5%, more than double of the Italian average). Then, in line with our previous positive results, students still appreciate the quality of services. Graduates, in fact, are very satisfied with the relationship with the teaching staff (91.5%), classrooms and facilities (94.5%) and the university experience as a whole (92%)".

As concerns the employment status, Deflorian observed: "UniTrento maintains its excellent position with the full employment of graduates at five years from graduation (95%, compared to 89% in Italy) and is four points above the national average one year after graduation. The net monthly salary is a little higher than in Italy at one year from graduation (1.456 euro vs 1.407) and five years from graduation (1.691 euro vs 1.635), and this means that the world of work is satisfied with the level of expertise of the young graduates trained by the University of Trento".


The AlmaLaurea 2022 Survey – available for download in pdf format - examines the profile and employment status of graduates of the University of Trento; the comparison with national data is shown in the summary tables.