Friday, 15 July 2022

Knowledge for Transition: a first-level Master's degree

Academic year 2022-2023

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Registration is now open for the first-level Master's degree Saperi in Transizione. Strumenti e pratiche per una cittadinanza ecologica e globale.

The master's degree is jointly offered by the University of Trento, the University of Verona, the University of Parma, and the TiLT|Territori in Libera Transizione inter-university research laboratory, which has been exploring new practices of citizenship in new lifestyles, in environment protection, in new modes of production and work, in the search for a balanced relationship with others and the planet.

The master's aims to provide the participants with knowledge and scientific and professional skills in sustainability and related areas (ecological and global citizenship, participation, local and community development, new forms of living and working), and with the necessary expertise in the design and implementation of actions to help organizations and institutions that must adapt for the transition to the educational and cultural models of the near future.

Applicants must hold one of the following qualifications:

  • undergraduate degree
  • master's degree, single-cycle master's degree or degree awarded by an Italian university under laws previously in force
  • a foreign degree (equivalent to the above)

Master’s students cannot enrol in other university courses at the same time.

Applications must be submitted through the online application form by 12.00 of 14 November 2022.

For further information visit the Master’s website.

Contact details
For information on academics
tel. +39 0461 281416 - 0461 283165
master.saperiintransizione [at]

For information on administrative aspects
Ufficio Servizi allo Studio - Master
masters [at]