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Science hits the stage again with Arditodesìo and UniTrento

The Theatre of Wonder is back from 27 September to 8 October

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The Theatre of Wonder, the festival of theatre and science created and curated by Arditodesìo and the University of Trento in collaboration with Opera Universitaria, is back again for an autumn edition.

The festival will bring to the stage eighteen shows and augmented lectures from 27 September to 8 October. The topics include personalized medicine, artificial intelligence, climate change, propaganda in communication, the impact of algorithms on our lives. The foyer of the Sanbàpolis theatre will host an exhibition curated by Level Up, the start-up created by the Laboratory for the Communication of the physical sciences of UniTrento.

The festival is even more international this year, with many events in English. What has made this possible is the close collaboration of Arditodesìo with companies from Belgium, Serbia and Bulgaria as part of the European project CURIOUS, funded by Creative Europe.

Established in 2017, the Theatre of Wonder is jointly directed by Andrea Brunello, playwright, director and actor, founder of Teatro Portland, and Stefano Oss, professor of the Department of Physics of the University of Trento and Rector's delegate for the communication of science.

A sneak peek of the programme

The festival opens on Tuesday 27 September with "Medicine of the future", an English-language show by Arditodesìo with Tommaso Rosi and Andrea Brunello. The following day Alberto Montresor and Carlo La Manna will present their mini augmented lecture "L’informatico inconsapevole", that will be followed by "Black box - Dentro L’algoritmo" by Pacta dei Teatri. On Thursday 29 September there will be another augmented lecture by and with Massimo Bernardi and Stefano Detassis and directed by Maura Pettorruso: "La fine. E poi? Storie di passati che diventano futuri". "Molecular voodoo", by and with Raffaello Potestio and Enrico Tavernini, will be on the stage on 30 September. The next day, Saturday 1 October, La Piccionaia will be on the stage at the Sanbàpolis theatre with "Scienza e società: perché non si capiscono", inspired by a text by Massimiliano Bucchi. On Tuesday 4 October, the Serbian artist Mirko Stojkovic presents the touring show “Al-Sham - Nano Play”, that will be followed, at Palazzo delle Albere, by an evening on the Anthropocene which is part of a twinning project with the California Institute of Technology in collaboration with the Muse Science Museum. On Wednesday 5 October, Mirko Stojkovic presents "Al-Sham - Epilogue", followed by the augmented lecture "Extended synthesis" by the Arenberg Theatre of Antwerp (Belgium). Both performances are in English, as well as those of the following day: the augmented lecture "The synthetic man: dream, nightmare, reality?", and the show "How to become Einstein in one hour?", both proposed by Arte Urbana Collectif from Sofia (Bulgaria). On Friday 7 October, Arditodesìo presents "La rivoluzione dell'RNA", by and with Michela Denti and Maria Giulia Scarcella. The festival ends on Saturday 8 with "La fisica e i mondi matematici possibili" by and with Valter Moretti and Andrea Brunello.

Almost all the events will be opened by short performances by the students of "Progetto Apollo", a small theatre company created through "Emozionare con la scienza", an acting course organized by the Department of Physics and curated by Andrea Brunello.

The complete programme of Teatro della Meraviglia will be presented at a press conference before the opening of the festival.


Tickets can be purchased online at or at the Portland Theatre ticket office, in via Papiria 8 in Trento, from Monday to Friday, 15.00 to 19.00. Tickets are discounted for students.

The Teatro della Meraviglia Festival is organized by Arditodesìo and the University of Trento with Opera Universitaria Trento in collaboration with the MUSE Science Museum and Teatro Portland, as part of the European project CURIOUS (, funded by Creative Europe. With support from Fondazione Caritro, the Autonomous Province of Trento, the Autonomous Region of Trentino-South Tyrol, the City of Trento and UniCittà.

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