Thursday, 24 November 2022

Student elections: voter turnout above 40%

Students have elected their representatives for the 2022-24 term

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More than 40% of the students of the University of Trento cast their ballot online between Tuesday and yesterday, to elect their representatives in the University's governing bodies and departments and centres for the 2022-2024 term.

There has been an increase since the last elections, a trend that started even before then, which makes UniTrento one of the universities with the highest student turnout in student elections. In 2020, the turnout was 39.8% (in 2008 it was 31.6%). This year, the turnout was 40.4%. The average turnout for the governing bodies was 37.25%.

The groups of candidates competed against each other in a system ensuring proportional representation. The unofficial results have been provided by the Collegial Bodies Office of the University of Trento. The electoral committee will verify the results on 28 November. The elected representatives will be in office for two years from the date of their appointment.

Governing bodies – Lists of candidates and elected representatives
The most voted list for the Academic Senate was UNITiN (61%), followed by UDU Trento (26%), Azione Universitaria (7%), and Fronte della Gioventù Comunista (3%). Gianmarco Ruvolo (1249 votes) and Livia Cruisà (781 votes) of UNITiN were elected.

UNITiN placed first (63% of the votes) also in the election of representatives in the Joint Committee for the Right to Study and the Valorisation of merit, followed by UDU Trento (25%), and Azione Universitaria (8%). The elected candidates are Otman El Amri (757 votes), Anna Piccoli (697 votes) and Agnese Tumicelli (414) of UNITiN and Ginevra Perruggini (470 votes) of UDU.

The most voted list for the Board of Directors of Opera Universitaria was UNITiN (60%), followed by UDU Trento (28%) and Azione Universitaria (8%). The elected representatives are Lorenzo Emer (968 votes) and Lucia Virginia Ori (963) of UNITiN and Michele Minniti (452) of UDU.

For the Sport Committee, UNITiN obtained 60% of the votes, followed by UDU Trento with 27%, and Azione Universitaria with 8%. The elected representatives are Cecilia Torboli (1292 votes) and Daniela Marchetti (574) of UNITiN.

The election results for departments and centres have not been confirmed yet and can be found in the attached table.

Some further information
The posts open for election were 164. Of these, 11 posts were in the governing bodies: the Academic Senate (2), the Joint Committee for the Right to Study and the Valorization of Merit (4), the Board of Opera universitaria (3) and the Sport Committee (2).

The student community was also called to renew 153 representations in the academic structures of their courses of study (departmental councils, center councils and colleges of didactic area).

The competing lists were 14 for the governing bodies and 30 for departments and centres, with 248 candidates overall. The students entitled to vote were 16,532. All students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree programmes in good standing with the University for the academic year 2022/2023, and students who are about to obtain an undergraduate degree, were entitled to vote. The student representatives who sit in the bodies of departments and centres and of programmes of study can only be elected by students enrolled in such departments, centres or courses.

The elections took place online, the lists competed against each other in a system ensuring proportional representation. Voters could cast their vote online using their University credentials between 9 am on Tuesday 22 November and 7 pm on 23 November 2022.