Friday, 10 February 2023

Medical school: admission tests have changed

There will be two test sessions at national level in April and July

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New rules to take the national admission test for degree programmes in Medicine and Surgery. In particular, on decision of the Ministry of University and Research, the test dates have been moved forward for the academic year 2023/24, and will take place in April and July. On 5 September, applicants will learn if they have been successful and where they will study. Students can take the test multiple times and keep their best score. In this way, those who fail can retake the test at the following session and not after one year.

Unlike in the past, the test will be completely computer-based. The test is a Tolc-MED test and will be delivered through the Cisia platform in April and July. Applicants can decide where to take the test, that will be delivered at test centres in many Italian universities. Students usually take the test as close to home as possible. The list of test centres, including UniTrento, can be found on the website of Cisia (Consorzio interuniversitario sistemi integrato per l'accesso), where you can also find instructions to register (from 13 March for the April session, and from 15 June for the July session:

The ranking of applicants is valid at national level. The fee to take the test is 30 euro for each session. Those who fail the test can take it again in July, but successful applicants can retake the test too to keep their best score. Only in a second phase, from 31 July to 24 August, the successful applicants will be able to indicate their university of choice. The choice will be made on the ministerial website of national admission tests:

The national ranking that will be published on 5 September will take into account the best test scores and the applicants' chosen university. Moving forward the test dates makes it possible to update the ranking of applicants and allocate all available places before the start of lessons.

The available places for medical degree programmes in the academic year 2023-24 are 15,876. Of these, 60 are at the University of Trento.

Tests are now open to high school applicants – From this year, students in their fourth year of high school can take the test. They will be able to register for the April and July test sessions of 2023, in addition to the two sessions that will be organized next year which, it has been confirmed, will take place in February and April 2024. In this way, they will have four opportunities to take the test, knowing that they can keep their best score for the final ranking. Applicants decide how many tests they want to take and pay the relevant 30 euro fee. High school students must pass the school-leaving exam to continue their studies at the university. The Tolc-MED is an important orientation tool for high school students because it helps them assess their abilities and preparation in view of a career in medicine, surgery and dentistry.

Taking the test in Trento – Test dates, which are subject to change, are 19 and 20 April and 19 and 20 July. Official dates will be published on the Cisia website together with other information. The link to the announcement and a summary of information are available at:
The call contains specific information for applicants taking the test in Trento. For registration instructions, visit the website of Cisia.

About the test – The 60 minute Tolc-MED test (CISIA OnLine Test for Medicine) consists of 50 questions in four areas: verbal reasoning, general knowledge, questions on biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, and quantitative reasoning.
From this year, the tests will no longer be delivered simultaneously throughout Italy, but on different days and times at different locations. To ensure a level playing field for applicants, the Ministry has prepared a large package of questions that will be used differently in each test. An algorithm will weigh the difficulty and the value of each question based on the answers given by the candidates. Therefore, in the final ranking, the results will take into account the difficulty of the test. For more information visit the Cisia website.
On the Cisia website, where you register for the test, you can also find free practice materials and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) to prepare. You can also compare your result with those in aggregate form obtained by the other applicants in the same period, so you can assess your ranking.