Monday, 29 May 2023

The Minister of University and Research visits UniTrento

Anna Maria Bernini was in town to participate in the Festival of Economics

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The Minister of University and Research visited the University of Trento this morning. Anna Maria Bernini was welcomed at Palazzo Sardagna, home to the Rectorate, for a meeting with the representatives of the University and higher education institutions in the arts, music and performing arts.

Later today at 15.15 she will give a lecture at the Festival of Economics titled "Università e ricerca fabbrica del domani" (University and research: building the future).

Meanwhile, this morning, at Palazzo Sardagna, Anna Maria Bernini met with the rector of the University of Trento Flavio Deflorian, the deputy rector Paola Iamiceli, the vice rector for research Francesca Demichelis, the president of the Board of Directors Daniele Finocchiaro, the general director Alex Pellacani, the president of the Student Council and member of the Board of Directors Gabriele Di Fazio and the students seating in the Academic Senate, Livia Crisà and Gianmarco Ruvolo. The meeting was also attended by Franco Ianeselli, mayor of Trento; Claudio Martinelli, president of the Conservatory of Music "Francesco Antonio Bonporti" in Trento and Riva del Garda; Silvia Zanetti, director of the Academy of Fine Arts "Trentino Art Academy".

On her arrival in via Calepina, Bernini was welcomed by mayor Franco Ianeselli and deputy rector Paola Iamiceli, with Mirko Bisesti, councillor of the Autonomous Province of Trento for education, university and culture, and Filippo Santarelli, Government commissioner for the Province of Trento.

The meeting focused on the history, characteristics and excellence of the University of Trento, while Bernini illustrated the actions that she is putting in place to support research and the right to study, in particular as regards university residences.

"The University of Trento is an excellence in the Italian university system, a dynamic and growing institution which stands out for the strong relationship between education and research. It was a great pleasure to be your guest and to have the opportunity to discuss with the representatives of the students. I confirm that the Ministry of University and Research is working to strengthen the right to study, in particular in the area of university housing. Education is a right and we want students to be able to choose their learning path and follow their interests without restrictions," said Minister Anna Maria Bernini at the end of the meeting.

"Today's meeting with Minister Bernini takes on a special significance for us at this time, as we are developing and designing new directions based on the Strategic Plan and Italian and European initiatives, including the NRRP. We are satisfied that we have shared our reflections on the resources we need to continue on this path and to further develop with the Minister and the other education institutions", commented rector Flavio Deflorian.

About UniTrento
Founded in 1962, UniTrento today has 15,761 students, 786 doctoral students, 802 lecturers, 755 staff, 35 language experts and 343 researchers. It is a dynamic university, with many disciplinary areas and a high reputation, and is considered among the best Italian universities in the world and an ideal environment for study and research. Its 11 departments and 4 centres offer 71 undergraduate and master's degree programmes, 18 PhD programmes, 7 postgraduate master's degrees and one School of advanced studies.

The quality of the research is its distinctive mark, as the results achieved confirm. In 2022 alone, the University of Trento received more than 24 million euro from national, European and international funding opportunities, and 4,000 euro from commissioned research (third parties). Besides, it received another 47.6 million euro for its departments of excellence. It has also received so far 40 ERC grants from the European Research Council (on average more than two projects a year). UniTrento is part of ECIU, the European Consortium of Innovative Universities, with a leading role. The aim of the consortium is to develop a new European university model, based on micro-credentials and the innovative challenge-based learning model.

In 2009 the Government and the Autonomous Province of Trento (and the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and the Region Trentino Alto Adige) signed the Milan Agreement, that changed the Special Statute of Autonomy of the Provinces in terms of financial regulations, granting them new competences with regard to the University. This delegation of power entered into force with Legislative Decree 142/2011. The University of Trento is part of the Italian university system but it also has a special autonomy.

Last April the Board of Directors of the University of Trento approved the Financial Statements which, for the first time, reported a negative balance of 4 million. This was expected, in light of the imbalance between income and operating costs that began in 2019. The NRRP and the departments of excellence call for an increase in staff and associated indirect costs, and more funds are necessary to support young people through doctoral scholarships. It is therefore necessary to adjust the financial resources to maintain the quality of teaching and research and be able to provide the services necessary for a larger teaching and student community.