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Science on stage with Teatro della Meraviglia

From 15 to 25 November in Trento, tickets now on sale

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The Theatre of Wonder, the festival of theatre and science created and curated by Arditodesìo and the University of Trento, is back again from 15 to 25 November with six plays, two augmented lectures and three interactive science busking performances. Science journalist Federico Taddia brings to Trento his tribute to astrophysicist Margherita Hack. Tickets are on sale at www.teatrodellameraviglia.it

A series of theatrical shows inspired by science, where science gives the theatre a new role, that of stimulating discussion on current topics.

The Theatre of Wonder, the festival of theatre and science created and curated by Arditodesìo and the University of Trento, is back again from 15 to 25 November. Created in 2017, the Teatro della Meraviglia is jointly directed by Andrea Brunello, a playwright, director and actor, founder of Teatro Portland, and Stefano Oss, a professor of the Department of Physics of the University of Trento and Rector's delegate for the communication of science.

The focus of this 2023 edition will be on theatre performances, that will be staged at Teatro Cuminetti, Teatro Sanbàpolis and at the Muse science museum in Trento.

The programme

The curtains will open on Wednesday, 15 November, at Teatro Cuminetti with "Il Messaggero delle Stelle", by Francesco Niccolini, with Flavio Albanese. The protagonist is Astolfo of England, one of Charlemagne's paladins, who is tasked with the difficult mission of returning Orlando to his senses, as all things lost on Earth are on the Moon. On Thursday 16 November, same theatre, the programme continues with the augmented lecture " La mia storia di cadute e rinascite" (My story of story of falling and getting back up) with Camilla Fiorello, a graduate in Physics from the University of Torino and doctoral student at the Laboratory for the Communication Physical Sciences of the University of Trento, with stage direction and support by Maura Pettorruso. On Friday 17, Federico Taddia will bring on stage his work "Margherita Hack, stella tra le stelle", with singer-songwriter Marquica and guitarist Giovanni Ghioldi who will be with him on stage for the occasion. He will present a musical reading on the life of the famous astrophysicist who passed away in 2013. The first week of the Teatro della Meraviglia ends the next day, Saturday, 18 November, with "HeLa, or the immortality of Henrietta Lacks", by and with Nicola Bortolotti and Lorenzo Fontana. The show tells the story of Henrietta Lacks, a young African American woman from Baltimore who became, by chance and unknowingly, the protagonist of an ethical dilemma on the frontiers of biotechnology.

The Teatro della Meraviglia will be back again on Wednesday 22 November with the augmented lecture "Le parole che non ho detto" (The words I did not say) by Luca Marchetti of the Cibio Department with the support of Andrea Brunello. On Thursday 23, the festival moves to Teatro SanbàPolis in Via della Malpensada with "Krisi" by Michele Cremaschi, a show about dictatorship and civic participation. On Friday 24, the Caltech Theatre brings to Teatro SanbàPolis "Another Revolution", with Skyler Ware and Michael Gutierrez directed by Brian Brophy. The play, in English with Italian surtitles, tells of Kat and Henry, two graduates in opposing disciplines who are forced to share a laboratory at Columbia University in 1968. On Saturday, 25 November, the Muse science museum will host three interactive science busking shows, an approach that uses live demonstrations and street theatre techniques to engage audiences with science. The "Water Show" is on the bill at 11am and 5pm, while "Science on the Streets" is scheduled for 3pm. The festival ends the next day, Sunday 25 November, at Teatro SanbàPolis with "Romantic Disaster": Madalena Reversa brings to the stage a romantic reflection on the destruction of nature and the destructiveness of nature in a digital and analogue live-set.


Tickets for the 2023 edition of Teatro della Meraviglia can be purchased online at www.teatrodellameraviglia.it, at Teatro Portland in Trento from Monday to Friday from 15-19pm, at the box offices of the theatres of Pergine, Meano, Villazzano, San Marco in Trento, and at the headquarters of Evoè Teatro in Mori during their opening hours.

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