Monday, 20 November 2023

Gianmarco Caldini receives the 2023 Demattè Prize

The award ceremony will be held next Monday at 9.30 am at Palazzo Benvenuti

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Gianmarco Caldini, a PhD student in Mathematics at the University of Trento, will be able to study at Princeton thanks to the scholarship he received as the winner of the 2023 edition of the Demattè Prize. The scholarship gives this opportunity to students who have completed or are about to complete their studies. The Demattè Prize is special because it awards a generous scholarship: 25,000 euros that the recipient can use to spend some months in a foreign country studying or conducting research, for example to carry out postgraduate study or part of their PhD programme at a university or research centre. Gianmarco Caldini decided to continue his research work at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Princeton. His research interests lie in geometry, and particularly in variational geometric problems.

He graduated in Economics and Management at the University of Trento, earned a master's degree in Economics and Social Sciences at Bocconi University and then another one in Mathematics at the University of Trento. He is continuing his studies as a PhD student in Mathematics in Trento with Professor Andrea Marchese, and will soon leave for Princeton.

Many students since 2006 have been able to take advantage of this great opportunity, as applications are welcome from students of all disciplines. The scholarship in memory of Claudio Demattè – which has been established to remember Claudio Demattè, economist and business manager – is awarded by Associazione Amici di Claudio Demattè in collaboration with the University of Trento to students from all departments as long as their project includes a focus on an economics or management topic. The competition is open to students and doctoral students of the University of Trento or of other Italian universities residing in the Province of Trento.

The award ceremony will be held next Monday, 20 November, at 9.30 in the morning, at the headquarters of Cassa di Trento at Palazzo Benvenuti, Sala Nones (Trento, via Belenzani 12). Michele Andreaus, Roberto Nicastro and Rudi Bogni (via video link) will participate as members of Associazione Amici di Claudio Demattè, deputy rector Paola Iamiceli and the director of the Department of Mathematics Ana Maria Alonso Rodriguez as members of the University of Trento.

A special mention will be given to Serena Stefani, PhD student in Sociology and Social Research, for her project "Le barriere educative per studenti di prima generazione: la selezione come segnale di indipendenza culturale e mentalità fissa all’università" (Educational barriers for first-generation students: selection as a sign of cultural independence and fixed mentality at the university).