Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Il Sole 24 Ore ranking: the University of Trento still in top positions

Trento ranks second in the general ranking of Italian State universities

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The University of Trento maintains its position among top Italian universities in the ranking published by Il Sole 24 Ore.

The annual ranking is compiled by Il Sole 24 Ore based on 12 indicators that measure teaching and research outputs.

The indicators are divided in two main groups. Nine focus on teaching in the different universities and consider the strength and work of faculty members, the ability to ensure that students complete their studies in time, international relations and work placements for students. The other three indicators measure research outputs according to three macro-sectors identified by the National Evaluation Agency: the quality of scientific outputs, the quality of doctoral studies, the ability of departments to obtain external funding for their projects.

Points are calculated based on attractiveness (number of students from other regions), sustainability (average number of professors teaching core subjects), internships and mobility, scholarships, drop-out rate, efficacy (actual number of credits obtained on average by every student), student evaluation, quality of scientific outputs, research competitiveness and quality of doctoral studies.
To read the full 2016 ranking visit Il Sole 24 Ore website

In the Rankings page on this website you can find information on the position of the University of Trento in most recent national and international rankings.