Thursday, 6 July 2017

New opportunities for start-ups and research start-ups

The D2T Start Cup 2017 and Seed Money

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The University of Trento is committed to support the creation of start-ups and research start-ups.
Two new opportunities will help the establishment and growth of new businesses linked to research performed at the University of Trento.

The D2T Start Cup 2017

The D2T Start Cup 2017 is awarded to business projects in their early stage, also known as the “pre-seed” stage, when the business idea is still evolving. The main difference compared to previous editions is that there are no age restrictions to participate this year. There are three award categories: mechatronics, green technologies, and ICT. Total prizes amounting to 60,000 euro will be awarded to the winners (20,000 each) in each of the three sections. The three finalists in each category will also compete for the Gianni Lazzari Special Prize, that will award an extra 5,000 euro. The D2T Start Cup offers to all participants a useful training programme with coaches that can help develop new business ideas.

The deadline to submit applications is Monday, 18 September 2017, 12.30.

Support to business creation through Seed Money

The Seed Money scheme is co-funded by the Autonomous Province of Trento and the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRD) to support the creation of new businesses in the areas of innovation and advanced technology. Funds can be allocated to physical or legal persons planning to start a new business in Trentino to develop new types of products, services, or processes. Legal persons must have been established not more than 24 months before the publication of the public notice. Physical persons are required to establish a company or open an operating business site within 30 days from the allocation of the funding. Eligible expenditure:

  • Phase 1 - maximum € 70,000 (100% of the expenditure).
  • Phase 2 - maximum € 200.000 (50% of the expenditure). To access phase 2, the company must find a third party investor through a «Matching Fund» mechanism, a type of joint public-private funding in which the public and the private parties invest the same amount of money (at least 25,000 €).

The deadline is 31 October 2017 - 12.00
For more information to make a choice use the Telegram BOT: @SeedvsD2TBot
To apply for Seed Money funding, start-ups linked to the University of Trento must submit documents proving that the University (for example through the Department Council, the Start-up Committee, the Board of Directors) has approved the project.

Groups of students, PhD students, and researchers from the University of Trento wishing to participate in the D2T Start Cup or the Seed Money scheme with their new start-up projects may download the public notice on the website of Trentino Sviluppo (call for tenders section) and contact the Research Support and Technology Transfer Division (claudio.nidasio [at]; lino.giusti [at]; stefano.tondini [at] for more information on funding opportunities and to obtain the documents approving the project.