Monday, 29 October 2018

Rector Paolo Collini calls on students to give their best

507 students attended the graduation ceremony in Piazza Duomo on Saturday

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Bad weather convinced the organizers to hold a smaller graduation ceremony, which lasted only half an hour instead of the usual two-hour programme.

To save time, they invited fewer speakers and the diplomas were presented to the graduates at the registration desks so they were not, as in previous occasions, called on stage one by one during the ceremony.

The brevity of the ceremony, however, did not make it any less official. Many of the new graduates took pictures holding their diploma in the Sala degli Stucchi of Palazzo Sardagna, home to the Rectorate, and then moved to Piazza Duomo where they threw their hats in the air despite the pouring rain, with the music and singing provided by the University Choir and Band which gave a particularly intense performance.

In his address to the 507 young graduates and their families who gathered in Piazza Duomo on Saturday, Rector Paolo Collini mentioned the importance of events like this that bring the academic community together.

During the ceremony, organized by the University of Trento with collaboration from the Municipality of Trento and the Autonomous Province of Trento, the mayor of Trento, Alessandro Andreatta, invited the graduates to make the most of their culture.

After him Valerio Valentini took the stage: a writer and journalist, he was awarded the Premio Campiello literary award 2018 in the Opera Prima category with his novel “Gli 80 di Camporammaglia”, and graduated from UniTrento in 2015. He could not hide his embarrassment at the invitation to give a motivational speech. He mentioned his arrival at Collegio Bernardo Clesio, the years spent in Trento, his Erasmus in Paris, his passion for journalism (which became his occupation) and writing (which earned him the Campiello award for his first literary work).

Simone Amadori gave the last address of this seventh graduation ceremony as the best graduate of the year; with a degree in International Studies from the University of Trento which included a six month Erasmus stay in Prague, he is now a master’s student in Bologna.

The graduates who participated in this ceremony earned their undergraduate degrees between July and September 2018 from the following departments: CIBIO; Economics and Management; Physics; Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering; Industrial Engineering; Information Engineering and Computer Science; Humanities; Mathematics; Psychology and Cognitive Science; Sociology and Social Research. Some were residents of Collegio Bernardo Clesio.

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