Friday, 18 January 2019

Transform your ideas into a business plan

The launch of a new edition of StartUp Lab that assists students and aspiring entrepreneurs in the development of their business

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How do you transform an idea into a business plan?

Undergraduates, graduating students and aspiring entrepreneurs can learn how in the Start-Up Lab training programme.

Through lessons, simulations and group-work, participants will be assisted in the development of their own entrepreneurial idea. A project that they will then present to a committee of potential backers..

For the last few days, applications are open for the new edition of StartUp Lab on the CLab website. Students enrolled on masters, PhD and post-doc courses can apply, as well as others who are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation, until 5th February. 

The course lasts three months, during which time the students will have 3 professors and more than a dozen mentors to assist them (startuppers, entrepreneurs, managers, academics and consultants from Italy and abroad), advising them on the development of their business projects: from the initial idea, to the presentation to the potential backers. At the end of the course the best project will be sponsored by Trento University to take part in a global student entrepreneurship challenge, the Virginia TEch Knowledge Works that is held every August in Virginia, USA.

This important competition  in the sector of business formation and growth support has already given awards to two teams from the Startup Lab: in 2013 with the People’s Choice Prize of 5 thousand dollars and in 2014 when the best StartUp Lab team was awarded the first prize of 25 thousand dollars.

Since the first edition in 2017/2018, 160 aspiring startuppers of 28 different nationalities and various professional and academic backgrounds have taken part in this programme.