Thursday, 7 February 2019

Tumours of the blood: a memorandum of understanding signed by AIL - Trentino head office - and the Cibio Department of UniTrento

The objective: identify new pharmacological therapies to prevent the illness from progressing

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A memorandum of understanding was signed on 6th February at the Rectorate, by Roberto Valcanover, President of Ail -  the Italian Association against leukemia-lymphoma and myeloma, Trentino branch, and by Alessandro Quattrone, Director of The Cibio Department of Trento University.

The objective: to  tackle leukemia-lymphoma and myeloma at their roots, that is, to study the genomic base of these illnesses and how they spread in order to be able to identify new pharmacological therapies able to prevent their progression.

Two projects will be approved: one project in the area of pediatrics and the other project focusing on adults.

After a two-year collaboration period, joint research initiatives will take a more organic approach in the attempt to discover potentially new therapeutic molecules to fight leukemia and other blood illnesses.

The head of the memorandum agreement representing Trentino Ail will be Gianluca Farina, while Paolo Macchi will be the Scientific head of the memorandum agreement with regard to the collaboration with Cibio.

Based on this understanding, a three-year renewable agreement, the partners aim to maximize the results of  scientific research and all other activities of common interest.

This collaboration will involve research and PhD grants being made available by CiBio, in addition to other types of annual contract for young people, financed by Ail Trentino. Two young researchers are expected to be involved over the three year period, and they will be assisted by undergraduates and graduates who will carry out experimental tests in these subject areas.

Ali Trentino and CiBio will be free to use the results that come from these joint activities exclusively for research purposes. Research projects taking place within the memorandum agreement will be of a non-profit nature.

In respect of the culture of sharing knowledge, the partners guarantee that the results will be  published in international scientific magazines, and presented at scientific conferences. In addition, where possible, data or other products relevant to the international scientific community will be distributed according to open source principles.

Further details available in the press release