Friday, 22 February 2019

Master di I livello in Communication of Science and Innovation - SCICOMM

Deadline for applications is postponed to 29 April 2019 - 12 noon

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The Department of Sociology and Social Research presents SCICOMM, the first level master’s course in Communication of Science and Innovation

The master’s degree aims to develop key professionals to devise communication, dialogue and public engagement strategies at research institutes, in innovation-oriented companies, in the science sector in general (science centres, science festivals, etc.), in administrative departments that deal with research and innovation.

In particular, the master’s goal is to provide students with the ability to:

  • understand the social and cultural contexts of science and innovation, their transformations and their implications for communication;
  • read and examine the communication dynamics that are typical of current research and innovation, and be able to translate them into effective and sustainable operational strategies;
  • gain an in-depth knowledge of the potential and limits of today’s means of communication in the sector of research and innovation communication, including through practical and workshop activities;
  • increase and constructively assess the quality of communication strategies, in terms of both organizational objectives and their adherence to the expectations of the public;
  • combine the most recent research advancements in science and society, and in science and innovation communication, with the development of operational strategies.

The master’s course is taught in English.

The course will start on 25 September 2019 and continue until June 2020.

To participate in the selection procedure applicants must hold one of the following qualifications:

  • a degree awarded under regulations in force before Ministerial Decree no. 509/99;
  • a degree awarded under Ministerial Decree no. 270/04 or Ministerial Decree 509/99;
  • a foreign degree equivalent to the above.

The selection procedure is open also to students who will obtain their qualification before the course start date. Those who pass the admission test will be put on the list of enrolled students “waiting for confirmation”, until the award of the degree.
Master’s students cannot enrol in other university courses at the same time.

The deadline for the submission of applications for participation in the Master is extended to April 29, 2019, 12 noon exclusively in online mode.

For more information visit the master's page.

scicomm [at]