Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Remo Job and Andrea Caranti elected Direttors of Department

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Yesterday were held the elections of two of the academic structures of the University of Trento.
The department of Psychology and Cognitive Science has confirmed Job, and the Department of Mathematics has elected Caranti.
Five more departments will have to vote on September 23.

Two departments of the University of Trento went to the polls yesterday to elect their director for the period 2015-2018.

Remo Job (Foto Alessio Coser, archivio Università di Trento)The department of Psychology and Cognitive Science - DIPSCo confirmed Remo Job for the second three-year mandate at the helm of the structure. There were 36 voters of the 55 with voting rights. The professor received 33 votes. Remo Job, professor of Psycholinguistics, already director of the Specialisation School for Secondary Education, has also been the coordinator of the Doctoral School, principal of what was the Faculty of Cognitive Science, has been the delegate for the University of Trento for the School, Education, and Active Educational Internship (TFA). He is a member of the Committee for Higher Professional Education of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Andrea Caranti (Foto Archivio Università di Trento) The department of Mathematics elected Andrea Caranti with 27 votes. At the polls there were 34 voters of the 43 with voting rights. Caranti will begin his three-year mandate the 1st of October and can be reelected only one more time in a row. Andrea Caranti, professor of Algebra, already member of the Board of Directors of Opera Universitaria, has been the principal of the council of the course in Maths and coordinator of the area council of Maths, principal of what was the Faculty of Mathematics and principal of what was the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences. Professor Caranti has already given his resignation as member of the Evaluation Group of the Atheneum, a conflicting  appointment with the one of Director of Department.

After yesterday elections and the ones of July 8 with the election of Mario Diani, heading the Department of Sociology and Social Research, is time to renew the posts of the other ten structures which, for the Charter of the University of Trento starting October 29, 2012 replace the seven faculties and thirteen departments in which was, until then, organised the teaching activity and the scientific research of the University of Trento. The next departments to go to the polls on September 23 are Physics, Industrial Engineering, Economy and Management, Faculty of Law, Humanities. After that it will be time for the DISI - Information engineering and computer science - on September 28, and DICAM - Civil, environmental and mechanical engineering - on September 29.

The director of CIBIO - Centre for integrative biology, of SSI - School of international studies, and of CIMEC - Centre for Mind/Brain sciences, must be designated by the Academic Senate (CIMeC has launched an international call).