Thursday, 19 September 2019

First Talete honours programme certificates awarded

The programme was designed by UniTrento and Centro per la Cooperazione Internazionale to increase students' access to the world of work through better skills and qualifications

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The young Talete graduates are familiar with the relations between countries and continents and recognize the need to harmonize local and international interests, they understand the changes that society is experiencing in different parts of the world and can make decisions on the most appropriate actions to take based on the needs of the population and the environment. 

In a meeting that was held on 18 September, 8 students who participated in the first Talete Honours Programme, that started in 2016, received their certificate.

Their names are: Andrea Bello, Francesca Benci, Giorgia Dall'Osteria, Luigi Hinegk, Marina Lucidi, Cecilia Pradella, Laura Savegnago and Giada Sbrissa.

The ceremony was attended by Paolo Collini, Rector of the University of Trento, Mario Raffaelli, president of Centro per la Cooperazione Internazionale, and by Giorgio Cancelliere, a leading expert in Italy in water management in international cooperation settings.

Talete – Talenti e Territori is an advanced training programme that students can take in addition to their master's studies to acquire some soft skills in the area of global citizenship education and sustainability, to improve their academic knowledge with experience in the field of international development cooperation.

The programme was initially aimed at master students from the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering (DICAM), the Department of Sociology and Social Research (DSRS) and the School of International Studies (SSI), but will now be extended to other departments.

It combines an initial workshop, a residential intensive course and a field work opportunity (2-3 months) in a foreign country during which students will produce their dissertation. After their graduation, students will have the opportunity to participate in an internship programme (2-3 months) in the same organization and join a final workshop.

Today's ceremony was an occasion for students to discuss the learning experience, the research work for their theses, the post-graduate internship and the importance of all this to compete on the labour market: these graduates are equipped with a deep understanding of global phenomena, an international point of view and soft skills that are sought after in complex and intercultural working environments.

More details in the press release (PDF | 138 KB).