Friday, 27 September 2019

UniTrento projects win in Ohio architecture competition

Three students received the first prize in an architectural design competition inspired by the neighborhood of Old Brooklyn, in Cleveland

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The project presented by three students from the University of Trento was awarded the first prize in an architecture urban regeneration competition inspired by the multicultural neighborhood of Old Brooklyn, in Cleveland (Ohio).

Of the 34 selected projects, the one by Chiara Pinton, Erica Poli and Silvia Zomelli of Tetractys group won two first prizes amounting to two thousand dollars, and six other UniTrento teams reached the final stages of the competition.

Pinton, Poli and Zomelli, with their In_Between project, obtained both the top prize in the student category and the award for the best design of an accessory housing unit in the general category (professionals and students).

For the second year in a row a project developed at the course of Architectural and urban design 2, coordinated by professors Mosè Ricci, Kay Bea Jones, Sara Favargiotti with Silvia Mannocci, for the third-year program of Construction engineering/Architecture at the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, won an international competition.

In particular, the course is based on a participatory teaching approach to design in which all students participate in an international architecture competition. In 2018, a project for a spa in Caucasus won another competition.

This year, the class participated in Zero Threshold, an international architecture competition for students and professionals launched by Cleveland Foundation, focused on designing barrier-free homes and community spaces.

This competition challenged the participants to celebrate accessibility and barrier-free living, making accessibility features visible.

The students presented projects for new residential constructions, accessory dwellings, interior design and housing remodeling, community gathering places and vacant lots, adopting a holistic approach to urban design that is based on strategies that remove physical and social barriers and embrace an entire block or neighborhood in Old Brooklyn, Cleveland.

Overall, 130 projects were submitted from twenty countries (14 submissions from the class of Architectural and urban design 2 of the University of Trento). Only 34 submissions were selected for the final phase (of which seven from UniTrento).

Other students from six teams made it to the finals in addition to the winning team: Matteo Omilli, Jorda Arbona Miguel Angel and Gloria Zenatti (titres); Luca Franzoi, Arianna Luise and Nicolò Repetto (ALterNative); Nicola Melchiori, Luca Rossignoli and Desirè Vallenari (Keyline); Claudia Benatti and Silvai Beber (wayOUT); Marco Canale and Giacomo Sarti (A2|97); Lisa Dalle Sasse, Sofia Merci and Gabriele Migliorini (Tangram Arhcitects).

The award ceremony took place on 19 September in Cleveland.