Wednesday, 30 October 2019

UniTrentoApp launched today

For Android and iOS devices, it will provide direct access to personal information, class timetables, room availability, news and events, the lunch card and the University directory

Versione stampabile

The student community, always connected and on the move, needs new technologies to organize time, activities, deadlines.

UniTrentoApp will give students the opportunity to do that fast and effortlessly: they will be able to consult their student record, see their professors' contact information, view their course's timetable, read University news, consult their canteen account and search for free study rooms. 

UniTrentoAppAfter an initial test phase in September, which also involved visitors of the Trento Smart City Week, the app was launched today on Android and iOS stores.

The app data are synced with ESSE3 and fully integrated with UniTrento systems.

Its features comprise student services and content that, for the most part, are already available on the web: now access to those services will be provided through the app using University credentials.

Other app features will be soon developed for facultyand staff.

Here are some of the services available through the app: the student record, to find information on study programmes, see exams results, confirm or reject them; timetables of classes and courses, that users can consult and save in their preferences; the timetable of department's rooms, to check if they are free and can therefore be used as study rooms or for group work; news and information on University events, to be up to date with what is going at the University or in a particular department; People, the University's directory, with the contact details of the teaching staff, to subscribe to their information notices and be always informed on their office hours and dissertation and thesis proposals.

The App was developed in-house by the Information systems directorate in collaboration with the Student services and the Communication and external relations directorates, with help and support from students. Usability and accessibility experts with assistance from student representatives organized several test sessions in which dozens of volunteers from various university departments used and tested the new app.

The main features

  • Student record: navigate through the list of courses, find information on your programme of study, view your grades, confirm them, or choose to retake the exam
  • Class timetable: consult course calendars and create your personal timetable
  • Room availability: find out which rooms are free, in which department, and for how long, to use them to study or for group work
  • News/Events: stay up to date with news and events organized by the University or a Department
  • Lunch card: view your card transactions and lunch card credit balance in real time
  • Directory: find the contact details of your professors and add them to your favourites to read their notices and office hours and learn about their thesis proposals