Thursday, 5 November 2015

Academic Senate: Riccardo Zandonini is elected

He was elected in representation of the technical-scientific area; he will be a sitting member till March 2016

Versione stampabile

Il prof. Riccardo Zandonini (Foto Roberto Bernardinatti, archivio Università di Trento)

Professor Riccardo Zandonini, full professor of Structural Engineering at the Department of civil, environmental and mechanical Engineering, becomes member of the Academic Senate of the University of Trento as elected member representing the technical-scientific area.

The election was held today in the Atheneum, at the polling station organised in Povo and Mesiano.
Zandonini, sole candidate, received 69 preferences on a total of 79 voters.

He joins the other three chosen members already present (professor Fabio Casati for the technical-scientific area and professors Carlo Buzzi and Paolo Gatti for the social sciences, humanities and legal area) and he will stay in office until the natural expiration of the elective members (three years, renewable only once) established for the next March 31, 2016.

The elections were deemed necessary to find a replacement to professor Aronne Armanini, who resigned at the beginning of September because of the incompatibility with the appointment as coordinator of one of the group of experts GEV of the National Agency of Evaluation of the University System.