Thursday, 21 November 2019

UniTrento: Aquila Basket teams up with Cus Trento

An agreement has been signed to promote basketball in the university and set up the new professional UniTrento Sport Basket Team

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After the launch of the “TOP Team UniTrento–Aquila Basket” project at the end of 2016 to offer students the opportunity to combine sport and study, UniTrento makes another move to promote university basketball.

The agreement that was signed yesterday by the University of Trento, Aquila Basket and Cus Trento will establish a new dual career programme that will lead to the creation of a new university professional team, UniTrento Sport Basket, from the next season.

The purpose of the programme is to support and strengthen the already existing UniTrento Sport basketball team, which played in the Italian D league in season 2018/2019.

To achieve this objective, new teaching and research methods will be implemented, and innovative training strategies will be adopted for the team within the dual career programme.

This education and training programme gives its members a series of benefits, but they must satisfy a number of requirements to maintain their place in the team. Their performance shall be assessed based on the team results, the involvement of University students, their academic grades.

A committee made up of members of the University of Trento, Aquila Basket and Cus Trento will oversee progress made and verify that students meet the requirements to continue to be part of the programme.

The (male) team will have a maximum of 15 athletes, of which at least ten must be enrolled in the University of Trento and up to three can be high school students (in the two final years of high school). No restrictions are in place for the remaining two members.

The student-athletes were selected by Aquila Basket and will play in the D league in the Italian championship in season 2019/2020, coached by Nenad Jakovljevic.

Student-athletes will receive technical advice, have access to medical assistance, physical therapy, a sport insurance, they may apply for a place in halls of residence as established by regulations, and will also receive the free UniTrento Sport card.

Most of all, however, they will have a series of academic benefits: support in organizing their programme of study at UniTrento, assistance with University services (for example, for administrative issues), and a tutor from their department or centre who will help them out.
They will have access to psychological and motivational counselling provided by the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science, and will receive specific training to acquire life skills that are connected to sport activities, within the “Sport 4 Skills” project of the University.

By participating in the programme the student-athletes become testimonials of UniTrento Sport and of its academic and sport results.