Friday, 6 December 2019

Free defibrillator training: registrations are now closed

Students and citizens are invited to free training sessions to learn to use defibrillators, which have been placed in various high density areas of Trento

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A few months ago the City of Trento placed ten defibrillators (Automated External Defibrillators-AED), in high density squares and streets in the city centre to increase safety for residents and visitors.

You can find defibrillators in piazza Dante, piazza Cesare Battisti, via Galilei, piazza Lodron, piazza Duomo, piazza Vittoria, piazza Fiera, piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, via Madruzzo and via Santa Croce.

But how do you use them? The University and the City of Trento are organizing training sessions to learn to use a defibrillator for people out of the health sector.

The five-hour training sessions will be provided by the provincial committee of the Italian Red Cross in Trento in via Muredei 51 and in via Lunelli 4; the participants will receive a certificate that enables them to use automated external defibrillators (AED).

The training sessions are part of the UniCittà initiative, which promotes collaboration between the University and the City of Trento.

It is free because all costs are covered by the two organizations.

Registrations are now closed as there are no more places available.

Some instructors are health care professionals, others have a different specialization; the participants will receive BLSD (Basic Life Support and Defibrillation) training and learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques in children.

The seven free training sessions will take place in the evening, starting at 7 pm, for 100 participants. Every session includes a one hour class and four hours of practical training using a manikin and an AED simulator to correctly practice all manoeuvres.

The provincial committee of the Italian Red Cross will release to all the participants a certificate of attendance. The names of the people who successfully complete the training on Automated External Defibrillators will be sent to the Emergency Service of the Autonomous Province of Trento - Centrale Unica Emergenza 112, as required by law. 

For information:
unicitta [at]