Thursday, 14 May 2020

YOUCOOPE: Education in Cooperative Entrepreneurship

UniTrento participates in the new European project with 7 other partners

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YOUCOOPE, the European project led by the Santander International Entrepreneurship Centre (CISE), in which UniTrento participates with 7 other partners from the world of research and education from Belgium, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Wales, kicked off on 28 April. 

YOUCOOPE will design training modules with innovative resources, methodologies and tools for educators to incorporate cooperative entrepreneurship concepts, skills and real-life experiences into their lessons. 

The project aims to encourage education institutions, both at secondary and university level, to include the cooperative model in their curriculum and to boost it among young students and entrepreneurs all over Europe. 

Co-funded by the European Commission, the project will focus on training the trainers so that they can motivate and boost entrepreneurship among European youths within the context of cooperative values as the tool to obtain the social and entrepreneurial skills that improve their employability. 

It will run for 18 months in blended-learning.

All materials developed by YOUCOOPE will take into account the EntreComp European Framework for the development of entrepreneurial skills, endorsed by the European Commission, which includes soft skills that are essential for the personal and professional future of young learners.