Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Five thousand face masks donated to UniTrento

Researchers at Cibio Department will use the supplies to safely continue their work testing for Covid-19

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Five thousand surgical masks for to the University of Trento.

The donation was made by the Trento chapter of UNCI (Unione Nazionale Cavalieri d’Italia), the association of individuals who were awarded national honours, to the University and, in particular, to the Department of Cellular, Computational and Integrative Biology - Cibio, so that researchers can continue their work in testing and research to fight Covid-19.

A gesture of generosity and care from an association that has a mission to protect the values of solidarity, civil and moral commitment to society.

The donation was formalized in a private meeting that took place on Tuesday 23 June at the Rectorate.

Rector Paolo Collini welcomed the president of the local chapter of Unci, Franco Zambiasi and, given the occasion, the deputy chief of police (and knight) Luigi Di Ruscio. The delegation included the vice president of UNCI Renato Trinco, the secretary Rino Angheben, the administrator Pierangelo Berghi and two members, Claudio Eccher and Paola Zambiasi.

Rector Paolo Collini warmly welcomed the donation, explaining how important it is for the University to receive, in addition to the supply of face masks, the attention of civil society. The supplies, high quality and certified face masks, will be delivered to Cibio department in Povo in the next days so that researchers will be able to continue the work of analyzing test swabs in complete safety.