Tuesday, 14 July 2020

UniTrento at the top of Censis ranking 2020-2021 as best medium-sized state university in Italy

The performance in communication and employability was fundamental, but the University is well placed for scholarships and student aid as well

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Once again, the University of Trento leads the Censis ranking of Italian medium-sized universities (those with 10,000 to 20,000 students), preceding Sassari and Siena.

The total score achieved is 98.7/110, slightly better than the results of 2019. The areas in which the University excelled are "communication and digital services" (points awarded to university websites based on features and contents), where Trento increased by 7 points (110 compared to 103 in 2019); "employability" (percentage of master's graduates employed one year from graduation), which raised from 93 points in 2019 to 103; and "scholarships and other student aid" (103).

Very positive results were achieved in the categories of "services" (84) and "facilities" (100), while "internationalization" went down to 92 points.

Alessandra Montresor, head of the Communication and external relations directorate, welcomed the news with satisfaction: "The results confirm the good work we have been doing in these years. I am proud of the fact that our communication is appreciated, and I am happy with the employability of our former students".
Montresor also commented the decrease in the internationalization indicator: "It came as a surprise but we will try to understand how the score is made up to do better in the future".

The ranking is available on the website of Censis.