Friday, 31 July 2020

Call for submissions to Teatro delle Meraviglia - Theatre of Wonder

Professors and researchers of UniTrento are invited to submit proposals for augmented lectures

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Teatro delle Meraviglia, the Theatre of Wonder, is welcoming proposals for augmented lectures from professors and researchers of the University of Trento from all discipline areas. 

Augmented lectures are an innovative science communication format where a scientist-narrator shares the stage with one or more artists to create a performance in which science and art involve the public on an emotional and intellectual level.

This call does not have a deadline. 

The professors and researchers who are interested in participating will be contacted by the organizers of the festival for an interview to discuss the various aspects of their project on a preliminary basis.

The 2021 edition will include two augmented lectures, while four will be planned for 2022.

The participants invited to:

  • participate in a 6-hour workshop on communication, research storytelling and analysis of past augmented lectures with Andrea Brunello at Teatro Portland in Trento;

  • be available for rehearsals in the months before the festival (a few days, paid work), working side by side with some of the most notable representatives of the local cultural scene;

  • debut at the Festival Teatro della Meraviglia (last week of February and first week of March 2021, or in the 2022 edition), with the opportunity to get on stage again at other theatres, schools, science festivals or similar events.

Teatro della Meraviglia is a project of the University of Trento (through the Laboratorio per la Comunicazione delle Scienze Fisiche of the Physics department, a laboratory on physical sciences communication), Opera Universitaria and Arditodesìo theatre company – Jet Propulsion Theatre, with organizational support from Teatro Portland.

Since 2017, the Festival has brought to Trento some of the most interesting shows on science communication and dissemination to the general public. 

In 2021 Teatro della Meraviglia will be in its fifth year of operation and will reach a European dimension, because it will be part of a larger project funded by Creative Europe which among other things aims to create a circuit of augmented lectures

For more information and to submit your proposal email to a.brunello [at] (Andrea Brunello)