Wednesday, 16 September 2020

UniTrento reopening

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The first face-to-face lectures took place yesterday in different departments of the University and teaching activities will gradually resume in the coming days. A video was released showing a welcome message from Rector Paolo Collini and an overview of safety procedures with Edoardo Meneghini, president of the Student council. The Rector expressed his gratitude to all staff for their work and dedication

The open doors and the voices of students are the main signs of the University reopening. In the lockdown months teaching moved online, for the most part. But yesterday, as schools reopened, university students could go back to their face-to-face classes, albeit with some restrictions still in place.

Students can find information on the safety measures in place to access University buildings on the University website and in the video including the president of the Student council, Edoardo Meneghini. The websites of departments provide information on the different degree courses and other details.

Students can only access their department to attend lectures by checking in and out using UniTrentoApp. QR codes can be found at the entrances and exits of every building; there are different entrance and exit points, clearly marked, to direct the flow of people in and out of buildings and avoid gatherings. In general, stay up to date using the app, wear a face mask, sanitize your hands and follow the signage to reach your destination. You can remain in the building and move around only as much as necessary to attend classes.

Rector Paolo Collini welcomed students in a video message: "In the past months, we have not experienced the real university life. University life means socializing, talking to people, meeting new people, going out to the lab or to the library. I am not being rhetorical: that is university life".

Collini also expressed his gratitude to academic and technical and administrative staff, and wished them good work: "Thank you for your dedication, with which you were able to solve the problems that we had to face in the second semester. As you know, the Censis survey ranked us again on top of Italian universities: the quality of your work in these difficult times demonstrates that Censis was not wrong". He added: "We could not have made it without you and your determination, and I would like to thank all those who made distant learning possible, in particular".

To give all students the opportunity to make the most of their university experience in Trento, soon students will find information on how to request funding for mobile data.