Thursday, 3 December 2020

64 UniTrento researchers rank among the world's most cited scientists

They are in the top 2 percent of the most influential scientists across various disciplines, from neuroscience to sociology, from physics to mathematics to engineering. Data are based on the World Ranking of Scientists by Stanford University

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The University of Trento and its international reputation continue to be successful. A success that confirms the excellence of scientific research carried out by our scholars in different fields of study.

According to recent news, a significant number of researchers and professors of the University of Trento are in the top 2 percent of the most cited scholars at global level, based on the number of published papers and citations in the relevant disciplines. Overall, 64 professors and researchers of the University of Trento are included in the ranking. Our University ranks second and is only preceded by Padova for the number of faculty in the lists of most cited scholars. The ranking is based on data from Scopus, the main database for scientific publications. The study, conducted by John P. A. Ioannidis of Stanford University with Kevin W. Boyack and Jeroen Baas, appeared days ago in Plos Biology.

"This achievement confirms the quality of scientific research carried out by our scientists who, with their work, contribute to advance knowledge in their disciplines. And they give visibility to UniTrento and Trentino around the world. Like all rankings, this one should be taken with a grain of salt, as it cannot equally assess the research activity in every disciplinary area, and the authors of a lot of quality research work are not mentioned, but it comes as great news for our University and its international reputation", comments Rector Paolo Collini.

The “World Ranking of Scientist” is a database created by Stanford University using a different computing strategy. To improve accuracy, for example, the database was compiled using six standardized citation metrics, and examining 22 scientific fields between 1996 and 2017. The result is a photograph of nearly 160,000 of the most influential scientists in the world, which represent 2 percent of over 6 million people.

The scientists of UniTrento in the database include: Giorgio Vallortigara, Lorenzo Bruzzone, Davide Geneletti, Michael Dumbser, Nicola Pugno, Farid Melgani, Mario Diani, Vincenzo Casulli, Lorenzo Pavesi, Fulvio Mattivi, Stefano Giorgini, Davide Bigoni, Oreste Salvatore Bursi, Luca Zaccarian, Davide Brunelli, Dario Petri, Alessandro Pegoretti, Luca Lutterotti, Andrea Massa, Gian Pietro Picco, Alessandro Gajo, Gian Domenico Sorarù, Nicu Sebe, Roberto Battiti, Paolo Scardi, Gabriele Miceli, Giacomo Oliveri, David Melcher, Alessandro Moschitti, Manuela Piazza, Paolo Rocca, Nicola Segata, Massimo Donelli, Giovanni Straffelini, Fabio Casati, Luca Fiori, Fabio Massacci, Antonio Miotello, Guido Grandi, Matteo Leoni, Fausto Giunchiglia, Vincenzo Maria Sglavo, Alberto Montresor, Paolo Giorgini, Stefano Gialanella, Renzo Campostrini and Carlo Miniussi.