Tuesday, 22 December 2020

A research scholarship in memory of Giulia Tita

Cassa Centrale Banca and the University of Trento signed an agreement today at Palazzo Sardagna to establish a research scholarship in memory of the young woman who died in a mountain accident last August

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Giulia Tita, a graduate of the University of Trento and an esteemed employee of the trading office of Cassa Centrale Banca, died in August 2020 in a mountain accident on the way down from the Cima delle Anime Peak in Val Passiria. She would have turned 29 in September. The pain of family members, colleagues and those who knew and loved her is transformed today in an expression of trust and hope in young people and in the future. To remember her, Cassa Centrale Banca has in fact decided to finance a postgraduate research scholarship for five years. The 75,000-euro donation will cover a research scholarship at the Department of Economics and Management for a young student interested in the same degree subject as Giulia, corporate finance.

Today at Palazzo Sardagna, the representatives of Cassa Centrale Banca and of the University of Trento met to sign the agreement establishing the research scholarship. Alongside Giorgio Fracalossi, president of Cassa Centrale Banca, and Paolo Collini, Rector of UniTrento, were also some relatives of Giulia Tita including her mother Diana Franceschi and Michele Cimadom, her fiancé and colleague at Cassa Centrale Banca. With them were also professor Luca Erzegovesi, who was her thesis supervisor, and Enrico Salvetta, deputy director of Cassa Centrale Banca and director of the finance area, representing the many colleagues. Numerous family and friends joined the online streaming of the agreement signing ceremony. 

Palazzo Sardagna resounded today with the memory of Giulia Tita: her open smile, her positive outlook, but also her strong determination. A joyful, passionate young woman, full of life and highly skilled, as many have described her. "I thank the president and all the colleagues of Cassa Centrale Banca who wanted to pay tribute to Giulia with this initiative," said her fiancé Michele Cimadom during the meeting. "Everyone has a positive memory of her, thanks to her way of being and her desire to always do everything in the best possible way. She was a person you could count on and you could trust. This scholarship is a recognition for the way in which she faced life, with commitment and seriousness, but also with a positive attitude and character".

"Giulia has always faced life, as well as with joy, with seriousness, responsibility and passion" recalled Giulia's mother, Diana Franceschi. "Since she was a child, her greatest concern was with the people she loved. She always wanted her family to be proud of her. For all she has been, for all she has done, I'm sure that if she could talk to me today the first thing she would ask me is ‘Mom, are you proud of me?’. This was Giulia. We must remember her this way.”

"When Giulia suddenly passed away, we were all deeply affected at Cassa Centrale" commented president Giorgio Fracalossi. "We immediately tried to find a way to keep her alive in our hearts, to remember her, to celebrate her life. Her human and personal qualities, her way of doing things, her positiveness made the whole board of directors express a unanimous consent to create something that could make Giulia's memory unforgettable. For this reason, we have established, in collaboration with UniTrento, a five-year scholarship that will benefit five young researchers who want to specialize in the subject Giulia was so passionate about: finance. This scholarship is the gift that Giulia left us. A gift to others, that we are only passing on. A gift that will remind us of a woman who was full of life, joyful, and who has always loved her job and showed it every day at Cassa Centrale".

Rector Paolo Collini, who welcomed the delegation of Cassa Centrale Banca, said a few words to her family: "On these occasions we feel torn between the pain of remembering who is no longer with us and the hope that comes from knowing that our gestures will help other young people like Giulia, who have a passion for studying and a desire to do well for the community. A donation is an important gesture to honor and keep alive the memory of our loved ones and to concretely support the future of young people. It is a way to continue to contribute to the development of society, a bit like those we have lost would have done".

After high-school at liceo Giovanni Prati in Trento, Giulia Tita had obtained a degree in Corporate Finance at the University of Trento, discussing both the three-year and master's theses with Professor Luca Erzegovesi. The professor shared the memory of a very committed student, very interested in the subject, who in her university years already showed solid and promising skills, with a great ability to accept advice and to relate in a constructive and open way. "I am proud that, after graduation, she took up the job that she was passionate about, and very happy to hear how esteemed she was."

After a brief experience at Cassa Rurale, Giulia joined Cassa Centrale Banca, where she was a specialist in financial markets - investment and regulatory processes for the trading service. "She became a member of the Cassa Centrale team because her resume was very interesting," explained Deputy Director Enrico Salvetta. "Above all, she had in depth knowledge of the area of advanced consultancy, a rather innovative field which served the development trend undertaken by Cassa Centrale. After a first assignment in the consultancy office, where staff build model portfolios for the banks' clients, she quickly moved to securities trading, with very important responsibilities in this role too".