Monday, 8 April 2019

Digital Transformation Challenges for Universities

Available online the article by Vincenzo Maltese

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The article "Digital Transformation Challenges for Universities" by Vincenzo Maltese has been selected  as one of ten to be part of a promotional campaign being carried out by Taylor & Francis. It will be freely available online from now through May 31.
The article focuses on the struggle Universities have to engage in order to offer complete, up-to-date and consistent information about their key assets to their numerous users across various digital services and communication channels. Key assets include people, papers, books, dissertations, patents, courses, and research projects. The main difficulty stands in the intrinsic data fragmentation and data diversity: data about the key assets is scattered across multiple information silos, data is often duplicated and difficult to correlate due to the diversity in the format, metadata, conventions, and terminology used. We illustrate how this difficulty can be tackled and describe the work carried out at the University of Trento in Italy.